I’m Antonio Bortolin,
a web designer & developer
based in Austria.

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Mr. Smart


Mr. Smart Branding


Exklusiv GmbH


I create my apps using PHP,
HTML, CSS e Javascript.
I'm experienced on developing customized web-apps,
websites based on Wordpress
and online stores on Prestashop.

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About me


Custom Web-apps

Custom web-apps are for sure my favorite between the services I offer. Make something is nice but creating something that doesn't exist is amazing. An ERP? A CRM?
You name it, I can code your dream app!.

Wordpress Websites

Wordpress is the most widely used CMS all over the world, with over 75+ million websites!
Why? Because it's powerful, it's endlessly upgradable, versatile and one of the safest systems.


Online shops have become a must-have for retailers! I create amazing stores based on one of the best systems ever made: Prestashop. It's powerful, highly customizable and super safe and can also be connected with your ERP system.

Plugins for WP and Prestashop

I develop custom plugins for Wordpress or Prestashop that really fit with your needs. It doesn't matter if you need a connection to your ERP or a product configurator:
I'll code it for you and make it happen!


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I love my job because it’s never boring.
And it’s never boring because your ideas are never the same as others.
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